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Buyer Representation

Transition Resources, Inc. also represents Buyers.  Through our extensive national network of quality dental practice brokers we can help you locate a practice to purchase in any state.

The Seller of a dental practice will usually have a dental broker, his/her attorney, accountant and, in some instances, a consultant working in his/her best interests. You, as a Buyer, need representation also. Having good representation can save you money on a sale and, more importantly, confirm what you are buying. A practice transition is full of complexities that can inadvertently be missed by a well-intentioned Seller and/or their broker. Our philosophy is based on win/win transitions and we have represented many buyers.

Having Transition Resources, Inc. involved assures you adherence to the win/win philosophy. Both parties need proper representation for protection after the sale.

If you are buying a practice directly from a Seller or from another broker and need representation to assist in valuing the practice, negotiating the price, etc. we are here to assist you. Email us for a free consultation as to the fees and services we can provide.