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Practice Sales

Transition Resources, Inc. works with quality practices and quality individuals. In most cases, the practices we represent will realize a minimum (no more than 15%) of their gross income from discount dentistry sources. There are a number of practitioners who realize that approximately 30% of the population will always demand quality care, expect to be treated well, and want to be part of a ‘dental family’.

We have found the following in working with this type of practice;

  1. formulating an accurate value is simpler
  2. finding quality buyers is easier
  3. the sales cycle is faster
  4. patient transitions to the new doctor are more successful.

If you are considering transition from a quality ‘wet fingered dentistry’ practice, planning for that transition 2 – 4 years in advance is not too soon. We have found graduating classes in dental schools to be smaller and 20-40% of the students are females, most of whom will not purchase practices during child bearing years. Schools also seem to be accepting more out of state students (most of whom return to their states of origin). In short, there will be fewer buyers than sellers in the future.

Some dentists are successful in advertising and selling their own practices. We have found, however, a higher success rate for dentists who retain the services of a professional practice broker. The successful practitioner does not have the time to market, screen, and secure funding to coordinate a successful transition. The sale is only one part of a successful transition. As a professional practice broker, Transition Resources, Inc. knows how to find the quality buyer, ask the appropriate questions, and anticipate possible roadblocks.

Securing financing for a prospective buyer is an important obligation of a practice broker. Transition Resources, Inc. is proud to have built excellent relationships with 4 local and national lenders. Our reputation and the quality of practices we represent create an environment that allows 100% financing with an additional line of credit usually available.

You and your patients’ best interests are our priority. A win/win philosophy coupled with an abundance mentality (more than enough for everyone) has been Transition Resources, Inc.’s recipe for many successful dental transitions. We look forward to working with you.